Deployit and Puppet integration, part I

01 May, 2012
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At XebiaLabs, we build Deployit, the most advanced Application Release Automation (ARA) solution on the market. The main reason for customers to use our product is to speed up time to market for new software. The ability to deploy software, without errors and without down time, with the push of a button is a critical component in our customers’ agile, continuous delivery and cloud strategies.
As part of those initiatives, many of our customers are also virtualizing their infrastructure. The functionality that makes Deployit ideal for deploying new releases also make it a perfect companion to an on-demand infrastructure strategy. When spikes in demand for applications hit, virtualized infrastructure makes it possible to scale up quickly and automatically. But this infrastructure is not terribly useful without an application running on it. Deployit ensures that the newly provisioned servers run the right version of the desired application (configuring loadbalancers, static HTML, Java or .NET applications and databases) and join in shouldering the increased load.
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