Dependency Reviews with GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps (GHAzDO)

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GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) has been available for a while, but it is still new on Azure DevOps. One missing feature on Azure DevOps is the “Dependency Review”, which enables DevOps teams to assess security risks by checking the dependencies they are using.

While exploring its potential, we discovered GHAzDO’s limitations compared to GHAS, particularly missing the "Dependency Review" feature that safeguards your projects by assessing security risks in the dependencies you use.

To address this, Rene Van Osnabrugge and Randy Pagels took matters into their own hands, developing a custom solution that emulates this feature. They unveil the power of GHAzDO and their innovative solution to ensure secure dependencies and strengthen your codebase. Don’t miss this game-changing insight into the world of GitHub’s advanced security!

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Randy Pagels
I am a DevOps Architect and Trainer at Xebia USA. I lead and educate customers in designing and implementing solutions that adhere to industry standards and DevOps best practices.
René van Osnabrugge
As Global Consulting Director, Rene enables consultants to help organizations and leadership teams to build an engineering culture that allows them to build, deliver, and operate software in a secure and compliant way. With a focus on both the technical and cultural aspects of a company, Rene helps clients transform their work processes, operating model, and culture to become high-speed, innovative, and productive. Rene is passionate about learning new technologies and exploring the cultural and people aspects of companies. He believes that by focusing on both technical implementation and cultural development, we can drive our industry forward. He loves sharing his knowledge and insights at conferences and training events. As a frequently asked speaker at well-known industry events like GitHub Universe, NDC, Techorama, AllDayDevOps, NDC, and Visual Studio Live!, Rene is known for his expertise in Microsoft Azure, DevOps, and DevOps Culture. In addition to being a Microsoft MVP since 2012, he is also the founder of the popular community events Global DevOps Bootcamp and Global DevOps Experience.

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