co-Creation – The key to Survive in a Disruptive Digital World

14 Oct, 2021
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Surviving digital disruptions is not easy for any business. All businesses, large or small, software or non-software, established ones or start-ups, are battling the imminent threats posed by tech advancements. To ensure their growth and sustenance, businesses need to co-Create software products relevant to their domains and customers’ needs. The only way to create the products and upgrade them regularly without loss of attention to other important issues in a business is by collaborating with trustable experts.

How can co-Creation help in Digital Transformation?

New age popular multi-national businesses like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, rely on software platforms (products that let various stakeholders communicate and do business) like mobile apps and websites. Local Taxi services, motels, shops, and other businesses that were running successfully for decades are now losing out to such technology-empowered new businesses. The older and established ones can’t win over this disruption unless they become digitalized. They should provide their services through their own software product or they become part of existing platforms. Such digitalization seems to be the only way to sustain, then how can non-software businesses with no software expertise function?

Collaborations guide all stakeholders in a digital ecosystem towards a better future

The good news is, they can definitely digitalize and compete with tech-savvy businesses if they can innovate or adopt technologies faster by partnering with an expert. This essential technology stewardship can help them in numerous ways, it makes their businesses less risky, more future-ready, and enables them to concentrate on other essential issues related to their businesses. Without such collaborations, they would have to spend all their energies and resources on understanding and battling disruptions.

co-Creation – a critical business necessity for Software Makers

The threat of disruption is even stronger for software makers. For them too, the threat can be minimized with collaborations and innovation strategies such as co-creation. With lifecycles of digital products shrinking drastically and technologies and customers’ needs/preferences changing so fast, software makers are under enormous pressure to innovate and market their products faster. But it is impossible to continuously reinvent themselves and their products unless they choose a reliable firm with a dedicated team that can do the needful. Together they can create products and continuously evolve them to beat disruptive forces.

How does co-Creation model work?

At coMakeIT, co-Creation refers to making a quality product for a product owner in a shorter time (before the customer’s needs change). However, it should not be understood as another fancy term for ‘outsourcing’. Here’s how co-Creation is different.

  • Outsourcing commonly refers to getting work done at a lower cost. But in markets where good ideas have the potential to generate huge profits, it is not the cost that matters the most, but the quality of work and the end-product. co-Creation focuses on building a quality end-product that is in line with customer requirements.
  • While outsourcing is aimed at solving just a technology or a business problem that the owner is facing, co-Creation is more product-driven. It aims at satisfying customers with products built on strong and latest technologies.
  • With co-Creation, you can collaborate with us to develop state-of-the-art software products and services. Moreover, our technology and engineering skills can complement your core competencies.

Our co-Creation model can guide you in two ways – technology and product guidance.

co-Creating with Tech-guidance

The tech-guidance part of co-Creation involves brainstorming and finding answers to various critical questions such as, which reference architecture is best suitable for the product to add a functionality to it?, which new technologies, modern architectures, and business models should be used to build a considerably future-proof software product?, how to reduce risks while adopting the latest technologies?, which modernization strategy is best suited for a product to align it better with changing customer preferences?

co-Creating with Product Guidance

The other aspect of co-Creation, product guidance, involves delving deeper into and understanding software products or solutions offered by a firm. Makers no more wait to release a perfect product to the market. They instead release a minimum value product and upgrade it regularly. co-Creation helps in viewing the products and their purpose from multiple perspectives. This analysis is very much useful in fine-tuning the products to market and customer preferences.

coMakeIT has been co-Creating successful products for our clients for more than two decades, and our senior technical experts carry vast knowledge and several decades of experience in building enterprise-class software products for global markets. Each product is different and hence its lifecycle, needs, and growth. However popular a methodology is, it has to be carefully customized to every product by experts. Only then can we successfully translate a good idea into a shippable product and earn profits. With product-thinking embedded deeply into every step of our software building processes, we build the products your business needs and assure you success.

Divya Prathima
The author was a java Developer at coMakeIT before turning into a stay-at-home-mom. She slowed down to make art, tell stories, read books on fiction, philosophy, science, art-history, write about science, parenting, and observe technology trends. She loves to write and aspires to write simple and understandable articles someday like Yuval Noah Harari. We are very happy to have her back at coMakeIT and contribute to our relevant and thought provoking content.

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