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05 Jul, 2024
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 Over the years, Xebia has been working with many customers, delivering solutions that bring value to their business, organization and way of working. We have been doing modernization of many solutions that we delivered. When we inquire about the meaning of modernization, we receive a range of responses, typically shaped by the experiences and roles of the people involved at that time. 

 In this blog, I want to share how we envision modernization from a cloud perspective. I will start with the basic question. 

Why cloud? 

 Cloud offers an array of advantages for organizations such as increasing reliability, availability, and security, reduced costs and time to market, reduced licenses required, quick access to more compute power etc. 

 Usually, companies list many reasons that are more technology and infrastructure related. When we dig deeper, we find the real drivers: competitive edge, business value, and unleashing the team potential to focus on innovation.

 This allows us to view the cloud journey as more about business and cultural transformation than about technology adaptation. 

 Today, with most of our customers, we are less focused about why we move to cloud, as the benefits are well known. We are discussing how this journey will impact their organization in the long term, what in-house expertise are required to support the process, how they are going to deal with tech debt, when they can see ROI, how this can support their targets and long-term plans etc. 

  With Xebia’s modernization solutions, we are charting a path to the cloud, unlocking innovation, and maintaining the competitive advantage. 

What is modernization? 

  Modernization can be described as endless pursuit of eternal youth, as modernization is not a destination, it is constant change towards optimization, innovation, knowledge gaining and applying to compete in a rapidly evolving market. 

  The pivotal moment for company growth is when a customer seeks to explore how things can be improved. 

  That triggers the Exploration stage, where together with the customer, we explore the possibilities from their projects/workloads landscape, choosing the ones that can show the real value of the cloud. 



We assess and architect, moving towards the next phase for build and deploy. Entering the foundation stage, we create the initial architecture, supporting infrastructure, POC implementation and involve the dedicated team into the entire process with hands-on session during workshop/presentation time. This stage is not just a POC overview. In this stage, together with the customer, we are setting the foundation for their cloud journey from infrastructure, development, operations, security and monitoring aspects, following AWS (Amazon Web Services) best practices and our expertise. 

This is the moment when the transformation for the team begins.  

The Implementation phase is where we put modernization inf full power, where the chosen application/workload is fully implemented. This stage triggers the most powerful engine in one’s company – innovation. Unlocking the power of possibilities in the cloud, the team starts to think “cloud” and embrace the benefits, utilizing their newly acquired skills across the entire company/business.  

That leads to the real transformation – reinvention, where the force of change now is the company (team) itself. The pace at which this reinvention progresses depends on the company’s organizational structure. Some enterprises have highly centralized governance where IT selects and controls chosen technologies, others are more liberal, allowing teams and departments to choose their own way of working. We support small to large scale transformations, focusing on both the team and the organization level, offering modernization at scale. 

The Reinvention stage continues to turn the flywheel of modernization, repeating the Exploration -> Foundation -> Implementation stages for each new set of functionalities. 

Move the wheel 

Xebia is an AWS Premier partner and, specifically, a modernization partner; Xebia’s modernization partnership with AWS provides customers with a comprehensive suite of services and support to facilitate a smooth and successful transition to modernized IT infrastructure on the AWS cloud platform. As a modernization partner, we also have eligibility for AWS modernization funding programs to support your journey. Read more: 


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