A Strategic Approach to Sustainability with Xebia’s GreenOps

01 Feb, 2024
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In today’s dynamic business landscape, integrating sustainability into AWS environments is an ethical choice and a strategic imperative.
With evolving legislation around carbon footprint reporting impacting organizations globally, companies must align with these regulations proactively. This article explores the significance of sustainability in the legal landscape and introduces Xebia’s GreenOps service as a comprehensive solution to these challenges.

Legal Landscape

A comprehensive overview of key legislations like SECR, SFDR, SEC, CSRD, and CSDD sets the stage for understanding the stakes involved. By shedding light on potential punishments for non-compliance, we explore the growing expectation for companies to communicate their sustainability efforts to various stakeholders.

Xebia’s GreenOps Solution

Enter Xebia’s ESG Dashboard, a pivotal component of the GreenOps service. This tool, built on AWS Quicksight, provides near real-time data on scope three emissions, ensuring alignment with current legislation and adaptability to future changes. The GreenOps service, backed by Xebia’s consultancy, proves to be an effective strategy for crafting and implementing corporate sustainability initiatives with a focus on optimizing carbon emissions.

Connecting to Modernization

Companies have been migrating to the cloud over the past years, focusing on security, performance, agility, and reduced TCO. Without optimizing the cloud resources, their carbon emission grows, and nowadays, the focus is on optimizing resources and modernizing them to reduce their environmental impact and cost.

Xebia has created a process that guides companies through the modernization process of their AWS workloads while balancing performance, sustainability, cost, and security and adhering to the AWS Well Architect framework. The mission is to focus on the business requirements and agree on the best modernization path. Once the workloads are modernized, the impact on the carbon emissions will be seen in the GreenOps dashboard.

Today’s applications use serverless container services, specific operational models, and smart software delivery processes. This approach lets applications adjust their size, be available globally, work more smoothly, and cost less. To help the environment, it’s important to use resources wisely. This makes things more agile and eco-friendly and opens the door to new ideas.

Discover our Whitepaper on ESG Goals & Cloud GreenOps:

The journey to make cloud systems more sustainable and up-to-date is always changing. Our GreenOps service makes it easier to see your cloud emissions and provides customized reports. At the same time, our advisors assist you in adopting the best methods for simplifying development, testing, deployment, and automation.

Towards a Sustainable Future

The journey toward cloud sustainability and modernization is ongoing, and Xebia’s GreenOps service is a vital companion. Providing visibility into cloud emissions, reporting tools, and expert support, Xebia ensures organizations stay ahead of the curve in adopting best practices for development, testing, deployment, and automation. Elevate your AWS efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint, and embrace a sustainable future with Xebia’s GreenOps.

Ronnie Bagan-Global AWS growth lead at Xebia with over 20 years of experience with B2B sales and sales training, specializing in cloud services. A vast experience in building business strategies focusing on digital transformation, agility, and innovation, particularly with AWS. Her passion lies in supporting my customers with their cloud journey, focusing on their technical requirements, while aligning with a full cloud strategy that also incorporates FinOps and GreenOps as well as data focus and security, to achieve their goals.

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