8 Secrets to Finding the Best Software Developers

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You have a brilliant new idea for a software product. You have also been able to sell your idea to investors and now have all the funding and infrastructure that you require. Basically, you are ready to rock the world. There’s only one aspect that is causing you to step on the brakes—you just don’t have the right team yet.

Several startups as well as mid-size software businesses continually face the compounding challenge of finding proficient software developers. Unfortunately,universities are not churning out organization-ready developers that are ready to build stellar products just yet. As a consequence, there is a scarcity of the right talent with expertise in the right mix of technologies. Even if an organization does find quality talent, it is usually someone that is already in intense demand in the industry and therefore, has expectations of a high salary bracket along with multiple perks. There is also no real assurance that this person will stick with the organization through its phases, because working for a startup and sometimes, even a mid-size business can be risky business. These companies tend to outsource their development completely to other continents, and often times, end up encountering a whole new set of problems.

The demand for proficient software developers is outstripping supply, and with good reason: They are critical to the success of the product and the business. Their logical and analytical skills can pretty much make or break the product. So, how can you become adept at distinguishing the bad fruit from the good? Let us explore some reliable ways to land not just any software developer, but the right one, for your business.

secrets to hiring best software developers1. Do They Care About Your Vision?

Most startups fail because they try to hire ‘rockstar’ developers—who are usually senior persons with plenty of experience and industry expertise. In order to seduce them away from the bigger, more established companies, small businesses are forced to make an offer that eats away at their budget. This usually means that other functions like the business development and marketing efforts tend to take a backseat. Usually, aiming for such high hanging fruit also leads to an increase in employee turnover, which can result in drastic losses in the form of overhead costs, delays in achieving milestones as well as the time and money spent for replacements.

How can you resolve this?

By focusing solely on finding a candidate that cares about your vision and is passionate about creating something that solves problems for people and impacts the community at large.

In the interview process, the first thing you should do is gauge whether this person connects with your product vision. Are they looking merely to further their career or are they driven by the zeal to make a difference to the status quo? It is very important to consider whether the people you are interviewing are job-oriented or career-oriented. Having a long term vision for their own career means that they understand the big picture. Their vision is not limited to narrow monetary gains; instead they care about making a difference so critical that it will impact their own future as well.



Kiran Madhunapantula, COO
Kiran Madhunapantula is passionate about radical trends in software development using techniques like Lean Software Development and Scrum, building high-performance teams, and organizing distributed innovation.

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