7 Hottest Software Skills for 2015

23 Jan, 2015
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The increasing demand for technology in businesses has given rise to a proportionately steep rise in the need for skilled IT and software talent. However, there is a discrepancy in the demand and supply equation for talent software professionals, creating a negative impact on a host of corporate capabilities.  Nearly every industry is heavily dependent on software in one way or another, making it vital for a balance to exist in the demand and supply of skilled software developers. Since software companies are looking for the right talent who can fit in the required role correctly and instantly, we have identified the top software development skills that will be in high demand in 2015.

1. Programming and Application Development


This is one of the top skills that are in demand for 2015. Software is going to rule modern IT this year. From internal systems to front-end apps, software will be everywhere to improve business processes. In 2105, we are going to witness a huge demand for programmers to upgrade existing computer systems, or for the design and development of new applications. So, if you have strong skills in Java, hardware controllers, web and mobile applications – this is the year for you. Talent with preferred coding skills such as Java, Java EE, JavaFX, .NET, C, Objective-C and UI/UX Design can make the best of the demand.

2. Mobile Development – 2014 was the year when the demand for smartphones and tablets reached sky high. Businesses across the world are starting to adopt mobile application development strategy to meet their business objectives, whether it is branding or generating revenue. According to reports, in 2105, the demand for such devices is going to skyrocket and so do the need for mobile development skills. With significant number of companies foraying into mobile application development, there is a huge demand for qualified professionals to fill the job openings. The need is greatest for Android and iOS developers. Hot skills in mobile such as iOS app development, Android app development, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support and mobile security are going to have tremendous scope this year.

3. Project Management – There is no doubt that 2015 will see unprecedented growth in the fields of mobile, Cloud and Big Data. And, organisations, irrespective of their sizes, will try to make the most out of these hot technologies. So, they will certainly require highly proficient project managers who can understand these technologies and at the same time have the technical know-how to complete projects on-time and under budget. Companies will be looking for people with skills and certifications in software-centric project management (PM) methodologies. PM skills such as Agile, Waterfall, software development project management and PMP certification will be in demand.

4. Big Data – Big Data is a big deal today! Organisations across industries have realised the importance of Big Data to drive business potential. From IT and finance, health care and defence to social media and retail will ramp up Big Data hiring in 2015. Professionals with development skills in scalable Big Data platforms like Hadoop, MapReduce and NoSQL will be the sought after talent in the industry. Apart from these development skills, professionals who want to make big in this particular field should acquire strong business acumen, critical thinking skills and mathematical prowess to have the competitive advantage over others.

  1. Information Security – Security is going to be a matter of great concern for IT in 2015 with cyber attacks increasing its scope and frequency every passing day. With the rise in shift to virtual or Cloud-based computing environments and the Internet of Things, the potential vulnerabilities of wireless networks and the Internet rose incredibly. To avert such scenarios, businesses will require professionals who can assess, detect and prevent the myriad security threats to modern networks. Skills such as wireless network security, ethical hacking, risk assessment and Cloud security will be in demand.

6. Technical Support – It will be one of the sought after skills in 2015. With technology’s growing dominance on business, the demand for IT support professionals has only increased in the past decade. When a business is deploying new computer systems, it definitely needs an IT help desk and large number of support technicians to run and maintain the systems appropriately. Apart from mobile expertise, technical staff also needs to acquire soft skills like effective verbal and written communication, time management and customer support to be successful in their area. Required skills in mobile device management, Windows desktop support and Linux administration are required to excel in this domain.

7. Networking – With significant adoption of mobile devices, rapid growth of fourth-generation (4G) wireless network technologies like LTE and the advent of new and emerging wireless protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy, businesses, both public and private are looking for talented professionals. The demand for talents who have specific skills pertaining to wireless network design and administration, WiFi, LTE, RFID, network security, design, implement and secure all things wireless, will be in great demand this year.

So, this is the right time to identify the demand and hone your talent and take the software development field by storm!

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