2015 Technology Predictions That You Just Can’t Ignore!

31 Dec, 2014
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2014 is coming to a screeching halt. We are now officially making headway into 2015, a glamorous new year that we already expect to be brimming with brand new technology and spiffy software. Just to get you started on the right note, we have put together our top predictions for the software space in the next year!

2014 was dominated heavily by wearables, smartphones, tablets and various mobile devices. 2015 is going to take all of that trailblazing technology of 2014 a step further.

But first, here’s a disclaimer for businesses: Forget about the next ‘big’ thing in software! No matter what the year, software is all about simplifying lives. This simplification is arguably one of the biggest disruptions of the 21st century. We can talk endlessly about trends and predictions, but businesses around the world should strategize an approach that will help them cut through the noise to reach the buyer. There is already a rising organizational shift from focusing on just ROI to figuring an approach to integrate into the consumer’s everyday life.

Check out just a few of the trends you can adopt to make this highly imperative shift to create a better world for your customers and prospects:

1. Software defined applications – Software defined networking is going to get lot of attention in the coming year. Technological organisations are increasingly realising the importance of what Agile programming can do to empower companies with the flexibility required to make the digital business work. It has become essential for computing to move away from static to dynamic models in order to cope up with the rapidly changing demands of digital business. Therefore, in the coming days, rules, models and code that can dynamically assemble and configure all of the elements needed from the network through the application are needed.

2. Cloud enabled services – Going by the intensity by which Cloud gained significance in 2014, it will remain a hotbed of activity even in 2015. Next year, the world of technology is going to witness the convergence of Cloud and mobile computing. The convergence will support the growth of centrally coordinated applications that can be delivered to any device. There is also going to be a drastic rise by which Cloud based services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) will be adopted across industries. In days to come, organizations will favour apps that employ the intelligence and storage of the client device; however for coordination and management, they will largely depend on the Cloud.

3. Internet of Things – The Internet of Things (IoT) will be one of the major innovation accelerators for growth in software and technology. According to a recent IDC report, 1/3rd of IoT spending in 2015 will be focused on intelligent embedded devices for most of the leading tech companies. The coming year will see the emergence of predictive maintenance as a crucial IoT solutions category.

4. Big data and analytics – The year 2015 will see global spending on Big Data related software, hardware, and services to touch $125 billion. Big Data projects in the coming year will be mainly driven by rich media analytics such as video, audio, and image. We will also witness the growth of Big Data supply chains, as Cloud platform and analytics vendors will show more interest in offering value-added information from commercial and open data sets to clients.

5. Digital transformation – Digital transformation is going to be the next big wave in technologies and drive significant business improvements. The transformation is mainly driven by the amalgamation of ever-increasing digitization and evolving consumer demands. Disruptive technology will play a major role in improving the scenario how business environment evolves. Businesses need to overcome disruption through digital transformation. For doing this, they need the right technologies, leadership strategies and best practices to create opportunities for innovation.

6. Mobile – It was last year when mobile phones clearly emerged as one of the most disruptive technologies and reached a tipping point. The way customers think today, has undergone a sea change with mobile significantly raising their expectations. In 2015, businesses will harness all possible means in mobile technology to transform their customer experience and their business. There is no doubt that mobile devices have changed the cost structure and revenue models for businesses to a considerable extent. On the other hand, mobile applications will play a vital role in building an ecosystem to engage with consumers. Gartner predicts that the mobile app market is growing at an extraordinarily fast pace and is slated to become a $77 billion industry by 2017. In the next year, the market for mobile apps is going to be bigger and attract many software companies to start app development.

It’s for sure that the new year would be more exciting and challenging for software and technology. It is going to offer unprecedented opportunities for organizations operating in this domain and at the same time improves the lives of billions across the world. More and more innovative opportunities will emerge from the convergence of the Internet, mobile phones, business networks, Cloud and Big Data technologies. In such a dynamic scenario, software and technology organizations will be guided by these trends – customer experience, resource optimization and the future of work. These organizations will have to constantly look for innovative ways to run simple in a complex world.

What new things is your ISV going to be upto in 2015?

What would you personally add to this prediction forecast?

Do let us know in comments below!

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