About the Xebia group

Our Identity

Xebia explores and creates new frontiers in IT. Providing innovative products and services and strive to stay one step ahead of our customers’ needs. We turn new technology trends into business advantages. As mainstream frontrunners, we create new IT solutions and build the future with our customers.

Customers choose Xebia for our innovative solutions, technological depth and craftsmanship. True knowledge workers find Xebia to be an inspiring place to work where they are challenged by peers.


We believe in the power of individuals working together with a clear focus and value the human size of things. We structure ourselves in independent practises and centres of excellence to capture the intellectual energy of our fellow Xebians.

These cells grow organically based on the passion of the members. Together, they create a tight network of coherent and complementary businesses.

Xebia Group

Xebia Group consists of seven specialized interlinked companies: Xebia Digital, Xebia Services, Xebia Training, XebiaLabs, StackState, GoDataDriven and Xpirit. With offices in Amsterdam and Hilversum (Netherlands), Paris, Delhi, Bangalore and Boston, we employ over 700 people worldwide and generate $77 million in revenue in 2016.

Our services and product solutions are clustered around Continuous Delivery/DevOps, Agile, Full Stack Development, Big Data & Science, Cloudification and Data Centre Automation.

  • Xebia

    International digital consulting and transformation services.


  • Xpirit

    Get ready for the next era of computing with a proven authority in Cloud, Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management, and Enterprise Mobility.


  • GoDataDriven

    Our Big Data experts help you create data driven solutions that improve productivity and increase your bottom line.


  • StackState

    StackState provides immediate insight into the cause and impact of any change or failure and helps you keep everything stable, repaired and running smoothly.


  • Xebia Labs

    Move to DevOps/Continuous Delivery and improve quality, reliability and increase speed with frequent, automated releases.


  • Xebia Academy

    Professional development is a continuous learning process. Grow smarter.


A Xebian

Xebia is always on the lookout for extraordinary people. We give you space and power to become your best in a community of ambitious and talented peers.

Supporting the passion of exceptionally smart people is the foundation of our organization. Everything about us - our structure, values, strategic innovation, hiring process, and knowledge management - is anchored on this principle.

Our Open Kitchen bi-weekly knowledge exchanges, Innovation Days, frequent tech-rallies, and TED-style conferences, all contribute to exploring and achieving our full potential, individually and collectively as Xebians.

As Xebians, we learn, grow, explore and create new frontiers in business together. Xebia Group is the result.

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