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Cloud services enable organizations to make really big moves, such as launching a data platform, automating tedious processes, or building intelligent applications. Leverage the benefits of cloud technology to increase your competitive edge by working smarter, better, faster, and more cost-efficiently.

Xebia supports organizations to generate sustainable value from cloud technology. No matter where you are on your cloud journey, we empower organizations to realize their boldest ideas. From a seamless cloud-first workplace experience to scalable and robust cloud-native solutions, to enterprise training programs and global support.

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Connecting You With the Cloud

As the highly experienced and recognized partner of all major cloud platforms, we are known for our effective solutions and efficient implementations. Xebia brings the depth and breadth to tackle any cloud challenge. Our global team of expert consultants operates worldwide to plan, build and manage cloud solutions at any timezone, at any scale. Our experts have undergone extensive cloud training and bring a wealth of experience. Many Xebians have been awarded and actively contribute to the community.
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Harness the Opportunities of Cloud Technology

Cloud Services

Work hand-in-hand with our specialists in modern cloud technology to realize your goals and ambitions. Each member of our team has the skills and experience under the belt to create right the solution your organization needs today, into tomorrow.
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Solution Partners

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Customer story

UPS Utilizes Nightline & Azure Cloud for Premium Service

When leading global courier UPS acquired an Irish courier and logistics service operator, it required a full cloud migration and specialist app to optimize deliveries

Customer story

Lift & Shift Migration Makes IT More Cost-Effective for Software Provider

Advanced — a dynamic business software and services provider — migrated its Marketplace software to a bespoke cloud solution, resulting in a cheaper and more efficient IT infrastructure

Customer story

Serverless Architecture Increases Coople Innovation

Europe's largest digital staffing platform moved to Amazon Web Services cloud hosting, enhancing its market-leading web app development

Customer story

Hospitality Industry Goes Cloud-First With Foodback

Norwegian startup helps businesses manage feedback in real-time cloud-based hospitality app hosted on AWS

Customer story

Serverless Improves Automotive SaaS Solution at Fraction of Cost

In automating its serverless platform using the AWS Cloud to meet the automotive industry’s needs, metrologx gained widely applicable cost and performance benefits

Customer story

Data Security Key to Coople Cloud Integration

Europe’s largest online staffing agency conducted a full audit of its AWS cloud architecture to ensure users’ personal data remains fully secure

Customer story

AIXBRO Speeds up Searches With AWS Serverless

The leading Swiss automotive parts distributor used a Proof of Concept to discover how the cloud could secure its future growth

Customer story

Google Cloud Platform Keeps Omio Travelers Up-To-Date

The online journey planner streamlined user experience, creating a single backend that enabled updates to be instantly shared

Customer story

Leading FinTech Brand Retains Market Lead With Cloud Solution

The world-leading FinTech company migrated to AWS Cloud, modernizing its platform to ensure it maintains its strong market position

Customer story

Cloud Platform Move Enhances Insurance App’s USP

A migration to AWS Cloud enhanced an SaaS app developer's unique services by improving product response times and features

Customer story

Advanced Leverage DevOps Engineers, Accelerate Cloud Migration

Advanced, a leading management software supplier, migrated an acquisition to an in-house AWS infrastructure for greater efficiency, simultaneously upskilling its team

Customer story

AWS Cloud & Machine Learning Help RASP Focus On Quality Content

Innovative Polish publishing house optimizes its publications for commercial partners with image recognition tool that streamlines editorial process

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Why Xebia

  • In addition to cloud, we operate in other digital domains such as Data and AI, Agile, Software Technology and DevOps
  • Within our industry, Xebia has the most long-term relationships with the four largest cloud partners
  • Our services cover the entire cloud spectrum, from our multi-cloud approach to cloud cost management, training, and managed services
  • Many of our consultants are also trainers! As an authorized training partner for Microsoft, AWS, Google, and Alibaba, rest assured that we hold the best knowledge and are determined to share it with you
  • Instead of advice reports, we deliver a combination of assessments, recommendations, and execution power
  • We hire for results! With a software development background and a keen eye for efficiency, our cloud consultants build easy-to-maintain functionality