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Testing needs to change. Quality assurance demands a fresh, new approach in the world of continuous delivery. Testing must be an integral part of your software engineering practice, not an afterthought. We help you reduce waste in your testing activities. We provide consultancy services and training in test automation strategies driven by innovation.

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Building the right thing.

Quality affects your entire business and needs to be a core value. It guides development and informs daily decisions. Software delivery teams need to focus on building the right product to solve the right problem, right from the start. We support continuous delivery teams with Impact Mapping, BDD, Specification by Example and Acceptance Test Driven Development.

Building it right

We are passionate about innovative test automation solutions. That’s why you’ll find us contributing to open source test automation frameworks like FitNesse, Serenity and Gatling. We love helping the community accelerate with test automation that's fast, reliable, maintainable and done with minimal investment. We help you select and implement the right test automation strategy to ensure you build the right software right, the right way. Instantly.

Enhance your compentences

In a rapidly changing IT world, testing can’t be an afterthought. Continuous delivery requires a fresh, new approach to quality assurance. Testing must be integrated with your software engineering practices to ensure relevance and reduce waste. Xebia Academy provides a full training curriculum to increase your competencies and sharpen your testing blades.

Stater Increases Speed and Lowers Costs with Test Automation


Testing work processes are changing radically. In the past, testers worked in isolation, without feedback or interaction with developers. Much of the work was repetitive and testers were not active at the end of the software development process.
Today, testing is an integral part of the software development process. When Test Automation is introduced, it makes a radical difference in an organization, creating quicker feedback loops and eliminating the need for manual testing.
Stater is now the frontrunner in their business. Testers are an integral of part nearly 35 multidisciplinary Scrum teams. Read the full story on Staters test automation success story.

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"Test automation has greatly reduced cost. Even more importantly, is has made the software development process significantly faster."

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