Posted on Thursday, 22 December, 2016

‘Spotify-ing your organization’: Inspiration for Digital Acceleration

This 'Spotify-ing your organization' event contains interesting topics to gain insights into the implementation of Agile at Scale.

Agile (re-)organizations, digital transformations, and digital innovators are all popular terms in management meetings and conversations at business dinners.
Many people are following ING closely to learn about the extensive reorganization of the bank that started back in 2015 and the Agile at Scale model which is centrally implemented there.

There is no predefined single process to become an agile and innovative organization. This is one of the most important conclusions from the event Spotify-ING your organization which took place last month at the Xebia Amsterdam offices.

Click here to read the original article (in Dutch) about the topics discussed during this event and gain insights into the implementation of Agile at Scale.

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