Relauch of instruqt - gamified learning platform on DevOps tooling

Posted on November 14, 2017


On November 21st, Xebia hosted the relaunch event of Instruqt, a gamified learning platform on DevOps tooling, in her Hilversum office.

In March 2017, Instruqt launched the first beta version of the platform. With Instruqt, you can learn state-of the-art DevOps tools and Cloud technologies by solving hands-on challenges. Instruqt creates real infrastructure and provides you with challenges and hints. Currently, you can follow learning paths about Docker, Git, Kubernetes, various Google Cloud services and Hashicorp tools. 

During the relaunch event, we presented the new version of the platform, featuring learning paths and a SDK which makes it possible to create customized challenges yourself.

Get an impression of the event in Hilversum on November 21st here.

Form more information about Instruqt, please contact Bas Tichelaar