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Posted on October 12, 2020

Press Release | October 12, 2020

Amsterdam - VodafoneZiggo, with 7.2M connected households, over 7000 employees, and 3.9B revenue, is on a mission. With Xebia, the TV, internet, and telephone provider started its journey to become a more customer-centric organization. 

In 2010, VodafoneZiggo invited Katja Sizova to build a new, internationally scalable, Agile, and fully digital offering as an incubator. Within six months, the Digital Director and her team released the innovative Hollandsnieuwe. This new provider entered the highly competitive Dutch market with services targeted at cost-conscious and online-first customers. Sizova: " When customer experience became a strategic priority, staying focused on adding business value helped us accelerate the overall digital transformation."

Sizova and her team were the first to use Agile methodologies, combining strategy, business, and IT in a cross-functional unit. VodafoneZiggo's Director of Digital shares her story to inspire other organizations in their digital transformation: "Organizational speed and agility are critical in today's fast-evolving markets and disrupting technologies. Having a reliable digitization platform adds to an organization's ability to respond to change and stay relevant to customers. Still, it takes a lot more than a technical platform and APIs to become flexible and Agile. People with an adaptive mindset and the right skills are critical. Your people and capabilities need to be connected throughout the whole organization or value chain. I encourage everyone, regardless of your role, to explore the market they operate in, to know what is relevant for customers and their experience, and to keep their eye on developments and trends."

This interview is the 3rd in a row of our series of interviews with the best 'Digital Transformers' in the market.

Background information
Research shows a discrepancy between what digitization, artificial intelligence, and robotization can and actually deliver. Xebia set out to find the change-makers and found Digital Transformers that managed to make an impact. These transformers share their digital journey, from challenges to successes. This series intends to inspire companies, highlight best practices, and provide insight into the practical side of realizing such transformations.

Read the full interview here.

More and more companies are opting for Xebia when it comes to digital transformation. As a result, the originally Dutch IT services company is increasingly leaving the larger consultancy firms behind. The fresh, open approach, agility and vision, combined with the in-depth technical knowledge and execution power, is well received worldwide.

Xebia is at the forefront of digital technology and e-business services for almost 20 years now, helping the top 250 largest companies In the Netherlands by embracing innovation, applying the latest technologies and implementing digital-first business models. Every day we help our companies improving their business results like Douwe Egberts, Intergamma, Unilever, Transavia, Picnic,, The Sting, Philips, ING, Van Lanschot Kempen and AholdDelhaize by fully leveraging the thought leadership & expertise the complete Xebia Group has to offer - from Digital & Agile Transformation, DevOps, Cloud, RPA, Data & AI to Full-stack Software Development and Service Design.

Together we create Digital Leaders!

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