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Posted on September 01, 2020

Press Release | September 1, 2020

Amsterdam - Due the sudden drastic change in the economy, it is no longer a question whether to go digital or not. Stores who had their digital landscape ready before the Pandemic are far ahead of their competition. Online shopping will stay, that’s for sure. To contrast with the Digital Transformation in large enterprises, we shed light on what such transformations look like in smaller, more entrepreneurial companies, like Shoeby.

To stay relevant and in the competition with other retailers, Shoeby decided on time, to create an omnichannel experience for their customers. They do not only have hundreds of stores, they also invested in their digital landscape, online shop, app and marketplace. They invest a lot in data and combining forces within retail, named AIR (Artificial Intelligence for Retail). They are merging the customers digital and physical experience, to become ready for the future, but more important… to be ready.. Now!

This interview is the 2nd in a row of our series of interviews with the best 'Digital Transformers' in the market.

Background information
Research shows time and time again that there is a big delta between what digitization, artificial intelligence and robotization could deliver and what it actually delivers. Xebia was looking for the exception to that rule and found 'digital transformers' that did manage to make a difference. In a series of interviews, these transformers elaborate on their digital journey. Their challenges, setbacks and successes. This interview series is intended to inspire companies, highlight best practices and the practical side of realizing such transformations.

You can read the full interview here.

More and more companies are opting for Xebia when it comes to digital transformation. As a result, the originally Dutch IT services company is increasingly leaving the larger consultancy firms behind. The fresh, open approach, agility and vision, combined with the in-depth technical knowledge and execution power, is well received worldwide.

Xebia is at the forefront of digital technology and e-business services for almost 20 years now, helping the top 250 largest companies In the Netherlands by embracing innovation, applying the latest technologies and implementing digital-first business models. Every day we help our companies improving their business results like Douwe Egberts, Intergamma, Unilever, Transavia, Picnic,, The Sting, Philips, ING, Van Lanschot Kempen and AholdDelhaize by fully leveraging the thought leadership & expertise the complete Xebia Group has to offer - from Digital & Agile Transformation, DevOps, Cloud, RPA, Data & AI to Full-stack Software Development and Service Design.

Together we create Digital Leaders!

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