12,5 Years Agile in the Netherlands

Posted on September 10, 2020

Press Release | September 10, 2020

Amsterdam - Agile made its way to the Netherlands 12,5 years ago and has been transforming businesses ever since. A great opportunity to gather experiences from founders and companies that were at the forefront of Agile working. We've created a digital environment where these special stories come into their own; AGILE NXT. 

AGILE NXT is an initiative of Xebia. The online platform offers a combination of knowledge and experience, shared by pioneering companies and the founders of Agile. We engage with Executives, Decision Makers, Gurus, and Thought Leaders on topics relevant for every business. We have relevant articles from companies that are on the eve of a Digital Transformation, but also experiences of companies that are still in the middle of it or are already looking back on a (successful) transformation. In short, real-life stories about the digital transformation, agility, leadership and culture.

With AGILE NXT, Xebia brings real-life experiences within reach. We look back, share learnings, review the status quo and take a glimpse into the future. For companies to learn from each other, sharing knowledge is crucial. AGILE NXT provides a stage for clients and relations. We collect all Agile experiences within the top 250 companies in the Netherlands to learn from each other.

"At AGILE NXT, you will find interviews or discussions about various strategic topics that are important for many companies. From Digital Transformation to working with Scrum or future-proofing your business. We share a new article every two weeks. Early 2021, these stories will be bundled and shared in a magazine and e-magazine.” - Petra Kiers, Marketing Manager Xebia. 

More than a decade of Agile captured in compelling stories on agilenxt.com.

More and more companies are opting for Xebia when it comes to digital transformation. As a result, the originally Dutch IT services company is increasingly leaving the larger consultancy firms behind. The fresh, open approach, agility and vision, combined with the in-depth technical knowledge and execution power, is well received worldwide.

Xebia is at the forefront of digital technology and e-business services for almost 20 years now, helping the top 250 largest companies In the Netherlands by embracing innovation, applying the latest technologies and implementing digital-first business models. Every day we help our companies improving their business results like Douwe Egberts, Intergamma, Unilever, Transavia, Picnic, Bol.com, The Sting, Philips, ING, Van Lanschot Kempen and AholdDelhaize by fully leveraging the thought leadership & expertise the complete Xebia Group has to offer - from Digital & Agile Transformation, DevOps, Cloud, RPA, Data & AI to Full-stack Software Development and Service Design.

Together we create Digital Leaders!

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