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Cloud comes with a lot of promise. Like, working smarter, better, faster, and more cost-efficiently. The cloud also enables many companies to make really big moves, such as launching a data platform, automating tedious processes, or building intelligent applications.

What does working in the cloud mean on a day-to-day basis? Firstly, you’re no longer solely responsible for management and maintenance. Secondly, your way of working will change radically. You’ll be looking at a new cost model, a new way of consuming, and a new definition of capacity.

To get the most out of the cloud, and reap its benefits, you need a keen understanding of the technology, your business, and your goals.

We help first-time movers and digital natives optimize their cloud platforms. From building a reliable and scalable infrastructure to deploying cloud-native solutions, assessing in-house knowledge, managing cloud spend, and training teams.


Solid relationships with the four largest cloud providers

You are free to choose your provider; Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Alibaba Cloud. As a leading multi-cloud partner, we allow you to share in the success achieved by global players, reach out to new markets worldwide and gain a whole new level of success. Our experts have undergone extensive cloud training, have been awarded for contributing to the community, and have a direct line of communication with the vendors.

Cloud Services

Everything you need to move to the cloud or optimize your existing cloud platform

Solution Partners

Customer story

New Support Platform Proves Big Hit For Prato Clients

Innovative HR company switches its customer service platform to Freshdesk, to mass stakeholder approval.

Customer story

International Women’s Fund Receives Cloud-Savvy Software Upgrade

Market-leading Salesforce software helps Mama Cash to better serve its activist user base.

Customer story

Cloud Platform Delivers Innovative Simulations for Kongsberg

Maritime simulator specialists brings its products to the cloud, maximizing remote engineering potential.

Customer story

Homerr: Fast Response Time, Satisfied Customers

Integrating customer service channels onto a single platform gives innovative parcel delivery network a premium service level.

Customer story

Leading Fintech App Optimizes AWS to Give Premium Service

Bizcuit overcomes cloud overwhelm to better serve  customers while keeping the highest compliance standards.

Customer story

Saxo Bank Optimizes Services with Azure DevOps

Xebia guides the migration of BinckBank (part of Saxo Bank), to an Azure DevOps-based cloud solution without disrupting client services or the engineering team’s workflow.

Customer story

Photographer’s Foundation Gets Picture-Worthy Upgrade and Digital Transformation

A charitable organization with focus on indigenous cultures, The Jimmy Nelson Foundation gets digital uplift improving international coordination.

Customer story

Emergency Service Embraces Cloud

Antwerp Fire Brigade moves to Google Workplace for more efficient emergency management to better serve citizens in need.

Customer story

Mosadex Uses Remote Work and DevOps to Bridge Gap Between Teams

Dutch pharmaceutical wholesaler streamlines workflow between internal units and external suppliers to improve product management.

Customer story

Digital Print Leader Transforms Hosting to Enhance Growth

Switching to Google Cloud Platform allows smartphoto room to grow while remaining cost-effective and secure.

Customer story

Leprazending Aims for Cure With Salesforce Implementation

Nonprofit with goal of ending leprosy receives a comprehensive CRM overhaul to help meet its objectives.

Customer story

Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds Overhauls CRM Platform

Foundation providing families with sick children temporary hospital housing consolidates its IT infrastructure for faster data management and better outreach.

Customer story

Dutch Foundation Shines A Light on Recovery with New Platform

Vrienden van de Hoop, a foundation for addiction and mental health in the Netherlands, successfully upgrades its fundraising software and CRM to reach, and so help, more people.

Customer story

1-Click Configuration and Cloud Infrastructure Setup Time Reduced by 83%

Leading US fintech firm implements cloud infrastructure and automation for better operations

Customer story

EnergyAlert Omitimizes Efficiency Using IoT Technology

Dutch Energy monitoring company expands its capabilities with state-of-the-art IoT services and techniques

Customer story

TJIP Targets Top Functionality— Migrates to New Cloud Platform

Smart platform developer accelerates functionality with tiered migration to Azure DevOps

Customer story

Sparco Saves Time and Cost with New Cloud Platform Initiative

Dutch marketing maverick works its magic with a new cloud platform and enhanced infrastructure

Customer story

Top Human Resource Provider Migrates Infrastructure to the Cloud

Visma Raet gains transformational business benefits by migrating its workload to the cloud with no downtime

Customer story

TFS Release Management Eases Isah’s Testing Time

Business software specialist for the manufacturing industry reduces the time required for testing, greatly improving its workflow

Customer story

Sustainable Energy Supplier Maintains Rapid Growth With Green IT

Early provider of sustainable energy in the Dutch market, Greenchoice professionalizes its IT department to deliver continuous value; builds a solid foundation for sustainable future growth

Why Xebia

  • In addition to cloud, we operate in other digital domains such as Data and AI, Agile, Software Technology and DevOps
  • Within our industry, Xebia has the most long-term relationships with the four largest cloud partners
  • Our services cover the entire cloud spectrum, from our multi-cloud approach to cloud cost management, training, and managed services
  • Many of our consultants are also trainers! As an authorized training partner for Microsoft, AWS, Google, and Alibaba, rest assured that we hold the best knowledge and are determined to share it with you
  • Instead of advice reports, we deliver a combination of assessments, recommendations, and execution power
  • We hire for results! With a software development background and a keen eye for efficiency, our cloud consultants build easy-to-maintain functionality