Full Stack Development

Your users expect excellent service and interaction, tailored information, rich interaction and a multiplatform experience. You need your applications to be secure, scalable and simple to adapt and deploy. Xebia is experienced in building modern multiplatform applications that fulfill user needs and customer requirements. Building compelling applications requires a full stack approach.

Full Stack Development combines modern software development methods, technology and architecture. Being in control of you entire stack is a must for heterogeneous, multi-technology applications built for todays interactive application landscape. Where modern web and mobile applications exhibit extensive communication between client and server, sensible API and service design is pivotal. Developers and architects need to understand into both frontend and backend technology and principles when constructing a scalable and manageable API. In other words, Full Stack Development.

Full Stack Development is the next iteration succeeding the Agile and Continuous Delivery revolutions. Agile improved the software development process and Continuous Delivery automated and optimized the roll-out and release of enterprise software. Now Full Stack Development offers an integrated approach to utilize technology and teams in the most effective way.

In essence, Full Stack Development goes way beyond mere technology; it offers an integrated approach of technology, development and operations. Development teams take responsibility for technology choices, building the application and running it in production. Many organizations are moving towards DevOps, combining development and operations responsibilities in one team. This raises the stakes for development teams to guarantee the quality of applications. For modern, cloud based, applications this demands combined knowledge of the entire stack.

Self-supporting teams that are able “to think it, build it, run it and tweak” make modern software work. That is just the essence of Full Stack Development.

We Provide Full Solutions.

Full Stack Services

Services that support rapidly changing environments with high quality and adaptable software.

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Full Stack Solutions

Xebia supports organisations with several solutions that provide insight or decrease time to market.

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Full Stack Training

Sharing knowledge is a core value of the Xebia Group. We provide a Full Stack Development curriculum.

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Our Clients

Technology of Choice


Using cutting-edge technology to make businesses work better is what gets us up in the morning. We bring energy and innovation to the table so you can deliver faster, more frequently and for lower costs. Our services are designed to help you anticipate your users’ needs and exceed their expectations. We work closely with you to maximize your IT potential.

Software Development

Are you ready to deliver higher quality software, faster and more frequently?
Build on our knowledge and experience.

We’ve been perfecting and evolving our Agile product development process since 2006. We craft engaging front end applications using modern Javascript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS and BootstrapJS. We produce highly scalable and resilient applications using Java and Scala. Our mobile developers are masters of iOS and Android applications.

Software Solutions

Our goal is to provide real software solutions that meet your current business needs and anticipate your future ones. Our engineers have a deep knowledge of full stack software development. We analyze the gap between reality and possibility to provide solutions that support your organization, today and tomorrow.

  • Our Craftsmanship Scan analyzes your development process to provide insight and advice for improvements.
  • Our Bootstrap Development/Open Source adaptations provide constant access to the latest tools and technology for your projects.


We offer a range of courses and programs to keep your developers and teams sharp, Agile and ready for full-stack action:

  • Craftsmanship
  • AngularJS
  • Scala / Akka