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Product Transformation Consultant

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Does this sound like you?

Xebia needs a Product Transformation Consultant to steer organizations toward extraordinary (digital) products, transforming them in true Product led organizations. As a consultant, you’ll shape product organizations, nurture POs/PMs and product teams through consulting, coaching, and training. Your mission? Turbocharge customer satisfaction and business growth, unleashing value for all.

In short, your role as a Product Transformation Consultant: Create the product transformation journey & breathe life into product transformations with the product team. Lead them without formal authority & bring the ‘user mentality’ and empathy into the game by relating to user’s problems, frequent needs, and expectations.

How will you help?

We seek a product leader who effortlessly bridges tech and business, leads large transformations and sculpts value for customers and the organisation alike. Your track record should shout out your ability to craft a daring vision and turn it into a strategy and execution plan.

What will you be doing to help the digital transformation line?

  • Lead transformation efforts to create Product Led Organizations, enhancing customer centricity and value creation.
  • Implement and optimize agile methodologies, such as scaling frameworks, to improve team effectiveness and organizational agility.
  • Develop and execute strategic planning using tools like OKRs to align efforts with company goals.
  • Design and streamline organizational structures including simplifying roles and responsibilities and establishing customer-centric, scalable operations.
  • Coach and support Product Owners and teams in product management excellence, fostering a growth mindset and enhancing innovation and delivery capabilities.
  • Work closely with senior leadership to guide and advise on effective transformation strategies, ensuring alignment with organizational vision and strategy.

✅ You have proven experience (+5 years) in executing product strategy and product management & large organisation’ transformations.
✅ You have consultancy experience or experience in working across multiple organisations or teams.
✅ You have an understanding / or a passion for Agile & everything related to transformation and change.


❌ Your core value proposition is only product ownership, and don’t consider transformation.

❌ You don’t want to create value for the organization and its customers.

Xebia Circle Wave Top Background
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