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Platform Engineering Consultant

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Platform Engineering Consultant at Xebia

Does this sound like you?

You help our customers adopt Platform Engineering concepts to achieve developer productivity, speed up software delivery, and create resilient systems that are secure and compliant.

Together with our clients, you explore the potential of Platform Engineering within their context, work out a platform strategy, design the platform, and implement it from its creation to scaling out on an enterprise scale.

You employ the concept of Internal Developer Platforms, which provide a golden path for developers to add value to their organizations.

How will you help?

As Platform Engineering Consultants, we are passionate about engineering.

We understand how DevOps has radically changed our thinking and the need to provide platforms. We are responsible for designing, deploying, and productizing platform services. Within our work, automating everything is written in our DNA.

We develop services using infrastructure as code and can do this in at least one of the major cloud providers. We are experienced in designing solutions using our background in software engineering and know what it takes to get a solution adopted within an organization.

We have built a new, modern platform for a national transportation company, utilizing the Platform as a Service (PaaS) concept. Additionally, we have constructed a cloud platform for a large insurance company, leveraging the latest cloud services and decommissioning the old data center. This involved adapting the organization to fully utilize the new platform, including implementing a new structure, teams, and a target operating model. Moreover, individuals were trained to work with the latest technologies.

Our holistic approach does justice to people, processes, and technology, and if that excites you, just think of what more we can achieve when YOU join our team!

What You Will Do:

With your knowledge of software, infrastructure, cloud, clusters, queues, containers, and SRE, you work on business-critical systems with or help build such systems.

You help engineer the platform so the developer’s user experience is optimal while ensuring that subjects such as availability, compliance, and security are in order.

You work and lead a platform team that provides platform services for development teams, lowering developers’ cognitive overload and improving their daily work.

You have experience with monitoring tools to help us improve our observability.

This Is Your Dream Job If:

✅ You enjoy working with the latest cloud solutions.
✅ You know your way around container technology and the container ecosystem.
✅ You like to talk with developers to understand better how the platform can help them with their challenges.
✅ You get energy from working for different clients and helping them achieve their goals.
✅ You like working with open-source (infrastructure) technology like Terraform and want to contribute to the communities.
✅ You want to make a dent and don’t avoid challenges.

This Is Not Your Dream Job If:

❌ You prefer a predictable and routine work environment over the excitement of tackling new challenges and working under pressure to deliver high-quality results within limited timeframes.
❌ You are uncomfortable working with open-source (infrastructure) technology and prefer to work with proprietary solutions.
❌ You avoid coding, scripting, and using templating tools as part of your daily work.

Xebia Circle Wave Top Background
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