Testing cheatsheet

24 Nov, 2014

Sometimes it is not clear for everybody how unit tests relates to e2e-test. This cheatsheet, I created, describes in one page:

  1. The different definitions
  2. Different structures of the tests
  3. The importance of unit tests
  4. The importance of e2e tests
  5. External versus internal quality
  6. E2E and unit tests living next to each other

Feel free to download and use it in your project if you feel there is a confusion of tongues between unit and e2e tests.

Download: TestingCheatSheet


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7 years ago

Nice cheatsheet, in particular the things where a lot of confusion exist.
However, I have some small suggestions for approvement:
– The code example contain some typos (executes -> execute, horzioncontroller)
– jasmine is a testing framework for all kinds of tests. You could better give e2e/unit examples like karma and protractor (or some Java equivalents).

7 years ago

Nice cheatsheet, but it seems to contain an error:
with three layers, each layer having a possibility of 5 flows, to test all the paths through
the entire application would require 5^3 end-to-end tests, not 53. Probably a copy error 🙂

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