Understanding Google Wave

(This blog post gives an overview of the architecture and technical concepts in Google Wave. If you are interested in how to use Google Wave in your applications, see Developing with Google Wave)

At Google I/O 2009, Google unveiled Wave. Wave is a new way of thinking about online conversations.

Consider the following situations –

  1. You write a blog post. Somebody comes around and posts a really insightful comment. Now, you or the comment author want to convert that comment into an independent blog post.
  2. You have been having a long email discussion with a colleague. Now you would like to invite another colleague to the same. She will need to know the context of the discussion and how it evolved.
  3. You email a few colleagues a draft of an article for review. They all email their comments back to you. A lot of them are suggesting the same changes without realizing that they have already been addressed.

With the tools we are using today such as email, blogs, IM etc., all of the above will require some kind of tedious copy – paste, and manual tracking of the changes being made.

Is there a better way?

The Google Wave model tries to provide a better way Read more →