Tedious and lengthy internal processes delay the delivery of value to end-users and lower your competitiveness. The bigger your organization, the more likely you are to encounter this problem. Visual collaboration tools like EventStorming can help with kickstarting the necessary focus shift.

Internal Competition vs External Excellence

Once an organization reaches a certain critical mass, people stop looking outwards. Instead, the focus shifts to an internal competition: outdoing that other department.  When this is the case,  our “definition of done” or standard of  “quality” becomes anything that exceeds what our colleagues have set. As a consequence, we find it acceptable to have a time-to-market of six to twelve months between a feature’s request and realization. Not only do we accept this; we’re proud of it.  Our “quick” turnaround time makes us the best student in the class within our organization, and we’re praised for achieving results–until we’re not.

Like when we suddenly realize our competitor is taking feature requests on Twitter and has a TTM of just a few weeks (or even days)!

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