JavaPolis 2007

Last three days I have been to JavaPolis 2007 in Antwerp. It was the first time that I went to this conference and I really liked it. Great things about it are it’s location and, most of all, it’s speakers. The location is a cinema. Slides and demo’s are shown on huge screens that are normally used to show blockbusters. The list of speakers included heroes such as James Gosling, Joshua Blog, Bruce Eckel and Scott Ambler.

I will give some of my impressions.
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Better be Wise than Agile

I think people are getting too religious about following Agile methodologies. Agile principles and best practices are valuable for applying important lessons that have been learned in software development. However, the drawback of following methodologies is that it takes experience and wisdom to know which of their practices work best in a particular situation. Best practices and even principles that are blindly followed may do more harm than good, even if they are Agile.

To illustrate this, consider the following two Agile principles (
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Using Google Web Toolkit with Eclipse WTP

I am writing a GWT application and want to test this application both in the GWT shell and in Tomcat. The application uses different Eclipse projects for the GWT UI and for the business service layer.

I found out that this can easily be done if you use an Eclipse WTP dynamic web project instead of the standard Java project that is created by the GWT projectCreator.

Using a dynamic web project has the following advantages:

  • It is possible to use external jars and other Eclipse projects from services that are implemented with the RemoteServiceServlet.
  • It is easy to test the ‘compiled’ JavaScript version in tomcat without having to create and deploy a war file.
  • It is easy to export a war file that can be deployed in any application server.

There is an Eclipse plugin for using GWT with WTP: Googlipse . However, this plugin does not (yet) support launching the ‘compiled’ JavaScript application. I will outline the steps that allow you to launch the JavaScript version of a GWT application in WTP.

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