Slow change in agile consultancy

We as Agilists are extremely result driven: delivering value to the customer as soon as possible is the axle around which our work and vision revolve. This can help us but also hamper us in the process of bringing Agile to a non-Agile environment. Being aware of this may already help us be more effective in bringing about changes in an effective way. The question “is this a quick-change or a slow-change organization” should be an explicit part of your analysis. Be patient!

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Integrating systems is a social skill


Systems integration within limited timeframes is not mainly a technical art. It is a matter of social and organizational skills. Work on the touchy feely side, and tech will follow. “If you don’t manage the above factors well, you will be in for it anyway, no matter how cool, flexible, state of the art and gorgeous your technology.”

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