Pre-mortems, steering clear of the rocks.

Are you worried your new project won’t be successful? Or afraid getting stuck applying these new techniques you just learned in a training? Or are you perhaps part of a very pro-active organization, but is a lack of focus crushing all new initiatives in the long run?

At Xebia we help customers as consultants, but also as facilitators or as trainers. A common pattern we see is people worry about how to move forward with their newly acquired knowledge or insights. In order to improve your chances of success, it can be very useful to do an upfront analysis of the causes of these worries. This will help you steer clear of the rocks, and prevent early ship wreckage of your new ideas. One of the formats we’ve been using over the years is the so-called Pre-mortem.

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Thermometer sessions – Gaining insight in your team

Looking for inspiration on how to gain a shared insight in the current state of your team? And curious how to find actions for your team to improve? Read below about the ‘thermometer session’, a workshop that we designed to improve our own business unit. The goal of these sessions is to get an insight in the current & desired state of the unit. In other words: how does the team feel currently about the unit and how do they think it should be. Based on these insights we take action to further improve our unit, which results in a happier working environment for everybody.

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