What documents to write in an Agile environment

Over and over again, the documentation discussion flares up before, during and after projects. What documentation should we make? Why do we need design documents? How can we be sure the correct software is being build if we don’t have a complete Functional Design Document. If the Functional design document isn’t in line with the actual software being build, how can we check whether we got what we paid for? etc. etc. etc. Read more →

How to manage Scrum and the Loaner Specialist

Multidisciplinary teams are fine and all that, but how to go about true specialists in the project … where do they fit in? I would like to talk a bit about Specialists who are required to do work for the team, but do not have enough tasks or time to actually be part of the team. First I will show why it is just not practical or feasible to make some people fulltime team members. After that I will drop some ideas on how to handle these situations.

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Risk management versus the Impediment List

Just the other day someone asked me: “what is the difference between managing risks and working the impediment list?”. At that time I didn’t get much further than “impediments may be risks and they may already be existing problems, but not all risks have to become impediments”… A correct answer in my opinion, but not a very clear or complete one. So let’s see if I can provide a better answer.

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