Importance Of Attitude in Agile Projects

While I was reading some chapters from the book “Toyota way“, the author was mentioning the importance on hiring the “Talented people”.
I also found institute’s giving training like “ Job Instruction (JI) is the Toyota way for worker training and people development.“.

With my recent experience on Agile-Scrum based projects, I started realizing how important is “Attitude” of the person involved in an agile team.Read more โ†’

Agile NCR 2008 Conference – India

On 8th March, the Saturday Xebia India is organizing “Agile NCR 2008 Conference” hosted by Ansal Institute of Technology in Gurgaon, India. Its going to happen tommorow and dont miss it.

This will be the first ever one day agile conference to happen in NCR, India (National Capital Region).

Two of my colleagues from Xebia india, Mayur Gupta and Saket Vishal will be presenting a paper on A Case Study on Distributed Agile Project from Developer’s perspective and Leveraging Agile in Waterfall Projects respectively.
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Flex Beyond — eForms

Around 6 months back me and Vikas Hazrati gave a XTR on Adobe Flex to my colleagues in Xebia India.

We took some resources from Adobe Dev Net site and eventually found a cool article explaining how Flex Data Services works with Spring using Spring Remoting features and so on.
We were quite amazed with the UI capabilities of Flex with its server side integration. If you look at that article now, its start with a disclaimer saying “Effective with the release of Adobe LiveCycle ES, the Adobe Flex Data Services 2 server product has been rebranded as a Solution Component of LiveCycle ES.”
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Spring with Stripes – A Maven Based Sample Code

The purpose of this post is to give a Maven based sample code of Spring with Stripes integration. The source code set is already in Eclipse project format, so you can use eclipse to view files content and structure.
This post will not explain about the techniques of integrating spring with stripes. The spring with stripes integration is very well explained at Stripes framework wiki page – Spring with Stripes. I kindly suggest you to read that documentation first before trying out the sample code given in this post. This post also assume that you are familiar with the basics of Maven, Eclipse, Stripes and Spring.

Few of the other “How to” samples (like Ajax addition, addition, echo, stripes layout reuse) that were documented in Stripes framework wiki page were also included in this sample code.
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What is it like moving back to India ?

Well! Last week I have completed one year of my stay in India after living in abroad for 7+ years. Thought I would share some of the stuff that i have gone through during this one year.

I come from south part of India and like many Indians, I went to abroad (Australia) to pursue my Master degree in IT. (I still donโ€™t know why US embassy in Chennai rejected my student visa ;)). Spent nearly 2 years in Australia, then I got a job to work in Geneva, Switzerland for United Nations. Lived in Switzerland for 5 years. I was also travelling a lot for work purpose and covered almost 12 countries in that 7+ years (lucky me). So the point is, I got used to the some of the good things in abroad life like quality environment, work timings and company culture, respect for nature, road infrastructure, and easy accessibility for document clearance and so on. The other side is always green, donโ€™t they?
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Appfuse 2.0 Review

AppFuse is an open source project and application that uses open source tools built on the Java platform to help you develop
web applications quickly and efficiently.

In a typical web application, it is common to have a login screen, registration screen, content storage in database, security and most importantly testing.

When building a Java web application, we might start adding one jar file after another to implement a particular user story.
For example, if i want to have ACEGI security for my web app, I might download ACEGI jar, map and configure it in web.xml and security.xml files.

What if, there exists a toolkit that already provides these common features to us. ?
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