Get your webtests in FitNesse with Xebium

In the first installment on Xebium, Cirilo explained the ideas behind this FitNesse fixture:

Xebium creates a simple way to use Selenium IDE (low learning curve) and FitNesse (ease of maintenance) to it’s fullest when it comes to maintaining a web application test suites.

Xebium is using the same keywords as Selenium IDE. This has the huge advantage that no person should learn another DSL. Since tests are stated this way, they can be copied between Selenium IDE and FitNesse without a hassle (the FitNesse formatter for Selenium IDE is rather trivial). And to be honest: as long as there are XPath and Regular Expressions in the code, it makes no sense to come up with a substitute for verifyText.

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Bundling a Python application on Mac OS X with VirtualEnv

When it comes to distributing Python packages, Python has its own mechanism. The tooling (either easy_install or pip) allows you to install a Python package and its dependencies. Typically, those packages are installed as Python Eggs (Java has Jars, Ruby has Gems and Python has Eggs). However, one can not expect Mac users to use these command line tools to download and install Python applications, especially GUI applications.

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