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With agile approaches, companies are able to deliver software in weeks, days and sometimes even hours. In the mean time, the call for secure software is getting louder and louder. How do you retain your flexibility and speed without reducing the overall security of your software? Agile Security Risk Management (ASRM) provides insights in your information security risks and helps you to deal with them, without any unnecessary delays.

Software security NEEDS an agile approach!

High paced agile software development is becoming part of our customers’ DNA. However, agile teams often miss knowledge on secure coding, and software security is often applied as an afterthought. By doing so, organisations face new challenges on the field of data exchange, password security and storage of personal identifiable information. Neglecting these issues may lead to insecure or complex software, reputational damage and unnecessary delays in the software development process.

How to become the trustworthy innovator?
The flexibility offered by agile working methodologies is key when it comes to innovating at a high pace. Trustworthiness of the solution should not translate into additional, unnecessary, and expensive checks; but should be the result of an integrated software development process. Short development iterations provide the flexibility to face the relevant information security risks of the moment.

Xebia introduces: Agile Security Risk Management
Agile Security Risk Management (ASRM) provides product owners insight into the most relevant information security risks, enabling them to apply the right focus in the development process. Information security risks, laws and regulations translate to reliable IT-solutions. Furthermore, ASRM ensures that the product under development will contain less leaks by training the developers and adding security checks to the continuous delivery pipeline. ASRM takes Continuous Delivery to the next level and increases the business value of every sprint.

Want to find out how you can improve your risk management in an agile environment? Get in touch and request the ASRM maturity scan!

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ASRM has three focal points:

  • Deal with relevant risks: ASRM provides product owners insight into the risks they need to deal with and how to prioritize them. Controls which deal with these risks will become part of the product- and sprint backlog.
  • Focus on continuous improvement: ASRM focuses on continuous improvement of both the software assets as well as the development team. Developers are educated on recommended security protocols and procedures, as well as defensive coding principles.
  • Prevent basic exploits: by adding automated security tests to the continuous delivery pipeline, basic vulnerabilities will be detected and filtered out. This will prevent some of the most obvious mistakes to be released into production.

Security is often a neglected part of Continuous Delivery. Tests in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline are often focused on integration testing, basic error testing and evaluating happy flows. Security testing should always be part of the continuous delivery pipeline if you do it right.

Applying Continuous Delivery is one of the cornerstones of ASRM. With Continuous Delivery you can improve the overall quality of your software, increase the speed of the development process and reduce costs.

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