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Nowadays, many of us are working remote. Does this mean you have to pause your knowledge development? No! Working remote offers an excellent opportunity to learn remotely as well, and get them certified as well. Within the comfort of your own home, you can take a live virtual class at Xebia Academy.

You will have the trainer and peers all on your desk. Loads of experience, loads of interaction and a lot to learn! Since early March we started delivering virtual classes and the people attending are just as thrilled about it as we are!

We want you to experience virtual classrooms too. That’s why we now offer an introductory discount of 33% on all our virtual classrooms. Claim your seat in June and take a live virtual class in June!

To understand and remember:

  • 33% discount on virtual classes, delivered in June by Xebia Academy
  • Data & AI classes are excluded from this offer
  • Booking made in June
  • Pay in advance – you can participate after payment


  • All Data & A.I. training courses

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