Agile Scaling training: Scrum@Scale + certificate

Scrum on a large scale. Learn how to scale from one to several Scrum Teams in this 2-day training. The training is by Serge Beaumont, one of the early adopters of Scrum@Scale. Including Scrum@Scale certificate.

Become a Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner!

From Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, Scrum@Scale is a framework suitable for all kinds of businesses that want to work Agile. With Scrum@Scale you can efficiently coordinate an unlimited number of Scrum Teams using a scale-free architecture. Scrum@Scale was created by Jeff Sutherland, one of Scrum's co-creators. During these two days, Serge will teach you everything you need to know about scaling Scrum according to this framework.

Scrum@Scale is perfect for

Are you an Agile Coach, Scrum Master or Product Owner who wants to apply Scrum on a large scale? There are several ways to do so. If you choose to use Jeff Sutherland's Scrum@Scale framework, this training is all you need to get started. You have Scrum knowledge and experience, and you have read these guides before the training starts: Scrum Guide and the Scrum@Scale Guide.

What will you learn during the Scrum@Scale training?

We assume you are familiar with Scrum (on a small scale). That is why we skip the basics and dive straight into scaling Scrum. You will discover the responsibilities of a Product Owner, Scrum Master and Developers in a scaling organization. We will explore the best ways to facilitate collaboration between teams, as well as how Release Planning works when done with tens, hundreds or thousands of people. At the end of the training you will be able to create a Transformation Backlog, prioritize, and overcome issues you encounter along the way. We even dare to say you will be able to do 5 times as much work, without adding new teams! Challenge accepted?


  • Collaboration: how do you work with multiple/larger teams according to Scrum@Scale?
  • Backlog: what is a Transformation Backlog and how do you prioritize on a large scale?
  • Measuring results: learn to measure results in any environment, large or small.
  • Productivity: discover how this framework boosts the productivity of your team(s).
  • For every role: scaling has an impact on every role, together we discover exactly which impact.

Scrum@Scale Practitioner Certificate

The exam (an online test) and Scrum@Scale certificate are included in the training. In order to obtain your certificate, attendance during the entire training is required. Take the online test after the training at a time of your choice. If you pass the test:

  • you receive a Scrum@Scale Practitioner certificate.
  • you become a member of the Scrum@Scale community, after 2 years just renew your membership.
  • you are included in the worldwide Scrum@Scale database.

Scrum@Scale Learning Journey

The Learning Journey of a Scaling Practitioner always starts with a deep knowledge of Scrum. For example, you could attend our Agile Scaling Frameworks Overview training first or become a Scrum Master (PSM or CSM). Then you can choose to learn more about Scrum on a large scale with this Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner training. Think of it as the next step within your own Scrum Journey.

Yes, I want to become a Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. One week before the training we will ask you about your dietary requirements. If preparation is desired, you will also receive the literature via email. See you then!

What else do I need to know?

  • Your certificate and 2-year Scrum@Scale membership are included in the price of the training.
  • Study materials and a nice lunch are too.
  • Travel & accommodation is not included in the price.
  • This training is taught in English.

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