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Remote EventStorming - Virtual

To really understand what our users will need, and build the right thing, we want to have a first-hand experience from ‘real-life stories’ told by the domain experts before we can model and create our software. To quote Alberto Brandolini: "It is not the domain expert’s knowledge that goes into production, it is the developer’s assumption of that knowledge that goes into production".

EventStorming is a technique that minimizes assumptions by doing deliberate, collaborative learning with different disciplines in order to solve business problems in the most effective way. We can use this tool in a variety of contexts - from deliberate discovery to team flow and from sprint retrospectives to detangling systems and from domain-driven design to designing CQRS/event sourcing systems and determining candidate microservices. As long as there is a story to tell and a timeline involved, EventStorming will be a useful tool.

During this 4 hour, interactive & live-virtual workshop you will experience the power of EventStorming first-hand. We have adapted the format to match the current social distancing constraints and optimized the flow for an optimal online learning experience.

Is the Remote EventStorming training right for me?

  • Yes - if you are a software architect
  • Yes - if you are a consultant
  • Yes - if you are a software developer
  • Yes - if you are an agile coach
  • Yes - if you are eager to learn cool collaboration techniques that help you grow your career

What will I achieve by completing this training course?

You will learn:

  • How EventStorming can help form a shared understanding between domain experts (business) and technology specialists (development teams),
  • How to participate in - and possibly facilitate your own - remote EventStorming sessions
  • The different EventStorming types; from a helicopter view to detailed software design
  • Which online tools to utilize to maximize the effectiveness of your sessions and store the produced artefacts for reuse at a later time


  • What is EventStorming
  • Why would you use it
  • When to use EventStorming
  • The different types of EventStorming
  • Hands-on: collaboratively modeling a real-life domain
  • Key heuristics and Q&A

What else should I know?


  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Preferably a Miro account
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