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Data Science

Data Science with Python Foundation - Refresher and Certification

Have you followed our Data Science with Python training and want to get certified?

We are proud to introduce the official Python for Data Science certification.

This certification, endorsed by the world's leading accreditation and exam institute APMG international, is rewarded to Data Scientists who successfully attended the Certified Data Science with Python Foundation training and passed the official exam.

For people who attended the Data Science with Python Foundation (previously known as Data Science with Python) training in the past, we have a limited offer for a fast-track to becoming Python for Data Science certified.

Data Science with Python - Refresher and Certification

This refresher covers all the important concepts of the Python Foundation training. You will get to grips with the content of the training, including the most recently added topics and exercises. Furthermore, by attending this session you will become familiar with the most important concepts of the certification.

After the refresher, you have the chance to practice with a sample exam. Then it’s time for the real deal: the official exam. After you pass the exam, you are rewarded with the Certified Data Science with Python certification, including the certificate and the digital badge.

These sessions are available for a limited period of time, exclusively to people who attended the Data Science with Python Foundation training in the past.


  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • Pandas
  • Sklearn

Data Science with Python Foundation Certification

The exam and Data Science for Product Owners certificate are included in the price. The exam can be taken directly after the refresher training. You need to answer at least 55% of the 60 multiple-choice questions correctly to pass the exam and receive the certificate.

More information

For more information about the exam, please visit the official Data Science with Python certification page. Prepare in advance with this Data Science with Python Foundation sample exam here. Please select “Data Science with Python Foundation (2020)” from the dropdown menu.

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