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Developer Skills

Professional Front-End Software Development - Virtual

Are you working with a large, inconsistent and unstructured codebase? Do you find it difficult to scale your codebase and keep it maintainable? Working with multiple teams on multiple consistent codebases can be challenging. This Front-End Software Development training teaches you how to keep your codebase in good shape and deliver better software faster.

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Learn to deliver better software faster!

Are you experiencing challenges with your existing codebase? This 1-day Front-End Software Development course will help you keep your codebase in good shape. You will learn techniques to improve your codebase and keep code clean, even when development scales up. We cover a variety of methods, so you can choose the one that fits your project best. You will gain hands-on experience you can apply to your own situation immediately.

This training is perfect for

Do you want to deliver software fast? Find bugs before customers do? Are you eager to create a sustainable codebase? Scale Front-End development? Then this training is perfect for you. It is important to have prior knowledge of NPM and writing JavaScript for production.

What will you learn during this Front-End Software Development training?


Code Skills

You will learn:

  • Tools and practices to keep JS / CSS maintainable
  • Refactoring code
  • AST transformations
  • The benefits of static typing for maintainability
  • Different types of front-end code quality tools
  • Automating software quality controls & dependency updates
  • Sharing code across teams
  • Different types of tests

Improve your code

You will learn how to:

  • Set up Unit Testing with Jest
  • Set up linting with Eslint
  • Refactor code using VSCode
  • Set up code formatting with Prettier
  • Set up a CI pipeline with Gitlab
  • Set up browser testing with Cypress
  • Set up performance testing with Lighthouse


You will learn how to:

  • Identify what tools are best for you project
  • Design a gradual migration path for code improvements
  • Integrate tools in an existing project
  • Learn how to identify the popular tools
  • Improve your codebase with the best tools available 

Developer Trainers

Our trainers are ambitious Software Developers and Consultants. They are real gurus in their field with an enormous amount of practical experience that they like to share. From in-depth knowledge to hands-on experience, they teach you the best skills! 

Developer Learning Journey

The Learning Journey of a professional Developer starts at Xebia Academy! This course teaches you professional Front-End Software Development skills, but we have many more Developer training courses in our portfolio. Would you like to know which courses suit your personal Learning Journey? An overview of all our Developer Skills courses can be found here. Would you like to spend a full day sharing your knowledge and discussing issues with other Front-End experts? Register for our Front-End Developer Ask Me Anything meet-up.

Yes, I want to deliver better software faster

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. One week before the training we will ask you about your dietary requirements. If preparation is desired, you will currently also receive the literature by e-mail. See you soon!

What else do I need to know?

  • Study material and a delicious lunch are included in the price of the training
  • Travel & accommodation expenses are not included
  • This training is in Dutch or English
  • Bring your own laptop that meets these requirements: runs Windows, MacOS or Linux and has NodeJS 10.x with NPM 6.x, Git and VSCode, WebStorm or other editor installed
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