DevOps Simulation Game: The Phoenix Project

Experience the essence of DevOps during this 'serious business simulation'. Get to know DevOps and learn how to apply it in your organization. The Phoenix Project takes one day and is facilitated in English or Dutch.

A real DevOps experience

Are you on the eve of implementing DevOps? Is your Agile team eager to learn more, or are you curious what impact DevOps could have on your organization? In all cases, The Phoenix Project is a perfect day out for the whole team! We believe in the power of collaboration, of experience, and of doing. The Phoenix Project takes your team on an adventure that's all about working together and learning from an experienced trainer.

Imagine your company, Parts Unlimited, is in deep trouble. Sales are tumbling, the stock price is taking a dive. But there’s one hope: a comprehensive plan called “The Phoenix Project” could ensure the company survives, and even becomes competitive again. 

The challenge for your team, if you choose to accept it, is to make the Phoenix Project a success and save Parts Unlimited from impending doom. To succeed, your team must take on all the different DevOps roles (development, testing, operations, business, and management) and learn to work together effectively.

The Phoenix Project is perfect for...

This DevOps Simulation Game is perfect for any team that truly wants to experience DevOps. Prior knowledge of Agile, programming or anything in between is not required. We do schedule an intake with you before the game to discuss specific goals and priorities. The Phoenix Project is always tailored to your organizations needs.

What will you learn from the DevOps Simulation Game: The Phoenix Project?

The game is an excellent way for new groups to get to know each other and build a result-oriented team. The simulation game is played in a safe and fun environment in which experimenting is encouraged. The fast iterations in the game provide a dose of continuous improvement that would otherwise take months to achieve. Playfully, participants discover the right culture for DevOps, what Single Piece Flow and a Stop the Line mentality mean, and autonomy is explored. During the game, you will also work on skills like visual management and Agile planning. At the end of the game you will know how to work together effectively and deliver the best performance.

DevOps Learning Journey

The Learning Journey of a DevOps professional starts with an ambition to work (together) more efficiently. The Phoenix Project is a special experience for the whole team and a great way to discover DevOps. Looking for more in-depth DevOps knowledge? Follow our 2-day Certified DevOps Fundamentals training. This is a Foundation level training. After obtaining your certificate, you can continue with our Certified DevOps Professional – Enable and Scale training. This training is focused on expanding your knowledge and improving your skills to excel in any DevOps environment.

What else should we know?

  • The game’s design was inspired by the book The Phoenix Project. However, it does not strictly follow the story. You can participate without having read the book and reading the book does not spoil the game
  • Prior to the game, we'll have a preparation interview to make sure your team gets the most out of this day!
  • The game can be facilitated in English and Dutch
  • The game can be played virtual, in-company or at a Xebia location in Amsterdam or Hilversum
  • Travel & accommodation expenses are not included

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