Native Mobile Apps with Xamarin Across All Platforms

Xamarin is the platform to build native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows using C# and .NET technology. Building mobile apps using Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms, allow you to share 70 to 99% of your code while still building native mobile apps that have native performance and user experience.

For this training course, we exclusively use official Xamarin University curriculum material and all modules followed count towards official certification on the Xamarin University platform.

Is the Native Mobile Apps with Xamarin Across All Platforms training course right for me?

  • Yes - if you are a C# .NET developer who wants to get started building native mobile applications

The training course starts with the Xamarin basics and will go through topics such as Xamarin architecture, defining UI with XAML and accessing unique and native features of devices. 

What will I achieve by completing this training course?

You will learn:

During this 3-day training course, we’ll focus on starting developing native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows using Xamarin.Forms. We'll show how to maximize code reuse across platforms while keeping the uniqueness of each platform to maintain the familiarity for the platform’s users. We'll go into the architecture and app concepts of each platform and how to build native apps for these platforms using the native APIs from C#. Next, you will learn how to architect your app in such a way that you can share code amongst these platforms. This will help you get much better ROI than building three separate native apps using the vendor provided toolsets.

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • How to build your first mobile app on the different platforms using Xamarin.Forms
  • How to maintain platform uniqueness while sharing a large chunk of your codebase
  • Build quality mobile apps for multiple platforms using C#, the .NET framework and the Xamarin platform
  • Architect your apps for maximum code reuse

What else should I know?


! Please note, that you need to bring your own laptop for this training.

Make sure you have installed all necessary tools to be able to do the labs during the training. A step by step guide to getting your Mac or Windows machine ready can be found here.


Upon completion of this training course, you’ll have completed 50% of the required 20 courses to become a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer. With the Xamarin University subscription for 1 year, included within this training you’ll be able to complete the other 50% of these courses later and be able to do the Certification Exam as part of the Xamarin University subscription.

On request, the curriculum can be changed to contain other parts of the 75+ courses that are part of the Xamarin University curriculum such as native iOS or Android features. The training can also be expanded to a 5-day training upon request, to cover more in depth and advanced topics.

Read more about our partnership with Xamarin here

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