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Free Video Training: A Continuous Learning Journey for Product Hero’s

Do you want to maximize your value as a product owner? Watch this video training and master new product owner superpowers!

Why watch this video training?

Like in real-life you need more than a two-day training program to get and stay in shape! In the same way that physical fitness requires real motivation and recurring workouts at the gym, product owner mastery requires regularly flexing and training of your "innovation muscles." And like in real-life, workouts are more fun when you can do them with others.

Xebia's Product & Innovation Gym gives you the high-energy, bite-size workout you need to maximize learning beyond the basics of Scrum in a fun, knowledge-sharing environment.

Learn about this new approach to your professional development and discuss your product related challenges and questions with our top gym trainer(s).

Key takeaways

  • How to learn new PO skills by exercising your innovation muscles
  • Experience in short two example topics of the Product Gym
  • Opportunity to engage and discuss your questions and challenges with our top gym trainers
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