Introduction to Domain-Driven Design (DDD) - Virtual

Have you read (a lot) about Domain-Driven Design (DDD), but not sure if it’s the right strategy for you? Are you thinking about breaking down your monolith using microservices, but you are not sure if this would help you and where to start? Keen on learning how to create a shared language between business and IT so they can really understand each other? Then this introduction course to Domain-Driven Design is just the thing you need.

This live-virtual training will let you experience the essentials of Domain-Driven Design first hand so you can decide if and how DDD could add value in your own context. We will go over the key concepts and patterns and show how it can be applied to real-world problems. What is the business value of DDD? What are common misconceptions and how can applying DDD help you in making your software a competitive advantage? We will discuss modelling and introduce you to tools you can use to start doing collaborative visual modelling.  

Is Introduction to Domain-Driven Design training right for me?

  • Yes - if you are curious what Domain-Driven Design is and how it can help you in your context
  • Yes - if you are a Software Developer with several years of programming experience
  • Yes - if you are a Software Architect with several years of programming experience

What will I achieve by completing this training?

You will learn:

  • Key concepts of Domain-Driven Design
  • What contexts it can and cannot be applied in
  • What problems does it solve
  • What is a design and what is a model
  • A simple overview of DDD’s Tactical & Strategic patterns

You will gain experience with:

  • The power of visual collaboration
  • How multiple types of EventStorming can help you discover domain knowledge
  • The power of tools like Example Mapping

What is the difference with the DDD Foundations training?

We have designed this course specifically as a live-virtual introduction to Domain-Driven Design. In the foundations training you will also gain hands-on experience with techniques like EventStorming, Example Mapping and Context Mapping. 

What else should I know?



  • Webcam or alternative so we and the group can see you during the training
  • Make sure that you have a good microphone / headset
  • We won’t do any coding so an editor is not required
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