Free Video Training: How to create the right Engineering Culture with the right environment?

Why watch this video training?

In the digital age, all organizations must become IT companies because it has become a driving force for value. This has led to a much higher demand for good IT engineers. How do they attract and retain top technical talent and give the ecosystem to excel? To attract and retain top IT talent, we need to understand their technical mindset.

Key takeaways

  • The engineering mindset;
  • The characteristics of an engineering culture;
  • A model to make culture tangible;
  • Concrete tools for influencing the culture

About the speakers Ellen Barree & Serge Beaumont

Ellen is an organization anthropologist and works as a consultant at Xebia in which she helps organizations with organizational and cultural changes. She shares her knowledge about the concrete building blocks of organizational culture and the way in which you can successfully influence culture. During this session, you have the option to create a cultural map of your own organization that you can use immediately afterwards.

Serge has been in IT for 24 years and has experienced all aspects of it as a developer, tech lead, agile consultant and manager. He shares his insights into the engineer's mindset and elements that typically occur in engineering culture. These insights help to determine the right course.

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