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Domain-Driven Design (DDD): Reactive Serverless Functions

Serverless functions give us the power to fail faster, and more often. Since there are no servers to manage, you can create isolated, production-like environments much quicker.

Because of this, it will be easier to develop and run pipelines which will run faster and more stable. You will gain the needed feedback much faster. However, giving the natural small size of functions, within no time we will have thousands of them running. Managing this will soon slow us down, and we can get lost in translation with our business. We will lose the fast feedback that was promised. 

Join us in this two-day workshop where we leverage the Bounded Context pattern from Domain-Driven Design. We will design the boundaries using EventStorming, leverage Test-Driven Development to model by coding our serverless functions. So if you don’t want to make a mess of all your lambda’s, and want your models to stay connected with the way the business thinks about them, this is the perfect workshop for you! 

Is​ this Domain-Driven Design (DDD) training right for me? 

  • Yes - if you are new to software development
  • Yes - if you are a Software Developer 
  • Yes - if you are a Software Architect 

What will I achieve by completing this training? 

You will learn:

  • The basics of serverless functions 
  • What is a design and what is a model 
  • The basics of EventStorming 
  • Domain-Driven Design tactical design patterns 
  • Testability of serverless functions 
  • Building blocks of Model-Driven design 
  • Ports and adapters architecture 

You will gain hands-on experience in: 

  • Model a bounded context with EventStorming 
  • How to implement serverless in a bounded context 
  • Implementing tactical design patterns with serverless functions 
  • Quickly deploy your serverless functions 
  • Infrastructure as code 

You will develop the skills to: 

  • Design and model quality software 
  • Quickly iterate of multiple models and find the best. 
  • Use outside in TDD to mode by coding. 
  • Setup serverless in a continuous delivery pipeline 

What else should I know? 


  • It is recommended to read Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans (the blue book), it is not required. 
  • Able to properly remove a sticky note 
  • Read the free ebook The Anatomy Of Domain-Driven Design


Bring a laptop with your favourite IDE for either C#, Java or Nodejs 

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