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Cloud Technology

Free Video Training: Deploying workloads to Kubernetes

Without biting your nails

Why watch this video training?

After viewing Pascal Naber’s session “The power of Kubernetes on Azure using AKS: an introduction” you have likely become enthusiastic about running Kubernetes yourself. This video will take it to the next level. If your application has high uptime requirements, releasing new versions into production can be very stressful. What if there was a way to do this gradually, or by first exposing it to internal users? It turns out you can, with Istio! Watch this video to find out how. This video is interesting for developers and architects, interested in running Kubernetes in production.

Key takeaways

  • Kubernetes ingress basics
  • Istio basics
  • Blue/green deployments with Istio
  • Focused canary release with Istio
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