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Data Engineering

DAX Training

Every Power BI user who needs to add analytical power to a Power BI model not available in the data as-is requires DAX skills.

DAX is not a language that can be learned by just doing it; theoretical knowledge is a requirement! All concepts of the DAX language that are required to be able to write DAX will be covered during this training, including ample exercises in order to obtain sufficient hands-on experience.


  • Introduction to DAX
  • Tables and relationships
  • Evaluation context
  • Apply DAX in real life


Basic knowledge of Power BI, either by hands-on practical experience or by attending the “Data Modeling” course.


  • Decide when to use a measure and when to use a calculated column
  • Aggregate a column in a measure
  • Aggregate an expression in a measure
  • Use the different groups of functions within DAX
  • Use columns from related tables in a DAX expression
  • Apply table functions
  • Understand the difference between row- and filtercontext
  • Ignore filter context using ALL
  • Nest multiple row contexts
  • Use variables in order to make DAX code easier to read and for using the right context
  • Use CALCULATE in order to manipulate the filter context
  • Use CALCULATE in order to trigger evaluation context transition
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