Microsoft Cloud training: Certified Microsoft Azure Developer + AZ-204 certificate

The cloud is taking over the world at lightning speed. The numerous cloud suppliers compete fiercely with each other on pricing and features. With Azure, Microsoft has created a cloud environment for building, testing, deploying and managing applications. In the past ten years Microsoft has added an immense amount of Azure functionalities, options and services. We notice that for cloud app developers, it is quite difficult to stay up to date and always deploy the latest developments and features. That is why we offer this professional Certified Microsoft Azure Developer training.  

How to become a professional Azure Developer

As a Developer, you are often asked to 'quickly move something to the cloud'. But... What? And how? Which service is needed for that? What is the best Azure solution for the problem? How do you develop it? And what about the security of apps and data? In short: where should you start as a developer if you want to move applications and services efficiently to the Azure cloud? And once they are running there, how do you ensure continuous functionality, performance, security, updates and backups?

This training is aimed at Developers who are faced with these and many other Azure-related questions. During this intensive, 5-day course we will provide a robust overview of the services that are important to professional Azure Developers. For example, you will learn how to build end-to-end applications with the cloud in mind. You will get a complete overview of the most common services, (management) models and security, so you can work effectively with the Azure cloud platform.

This course is guaranteed to make you much more able to successfully bring your code to the cloud and make it run optimally!

Is this Azure Developer training right for me?

Are you a Developer and would you like to go full-force with application development for Azure? Do you want the Azure cloud to become an essential part of your toolset and development chain, but don't have sufficient hands-on experience yet? And would you like to see your Azure qualification confirmed with a Microsoft certificate? Then this training is definitely for you!

You will learn how to build and implement end-to-end solutions in Microsoft Azure. Azure Compute, Azure Functions and Azure Storage will be discussed in detail, so that your web apps function optimally in the Azure cloud. We will also discuss authentication, security, connectivity, monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing your apps. In other words: everything you need to become a professional Azure Developer!

This training is perfect for

This course focuses on IT professionals (Developers) who are responsible for development, deployment, security, storage, and computing in an Azure cloud environment.

Prerequisite for this course is that you have successfully completed the Certified Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) training so you are familiar with the basics and core concepts of Azure.

The training dates

The training is spread over 3 weeks. It starts with 2 days, followed a week later by another 2 days and ending the third week with 1 day.
Therefore the startdate in June in Hilversum will include the following dates: June 8, 9, 15, 16 & 22.

What will I achieve with this training?

During this 5-day training, consisting of 5 parts with a total of no less than 13 modules, you will learn the following, among other things:

PART I - Building web applications in the Azure cloud

  1. Web Apps for the cloud: Azure App Service
    First, we'll briefly cover the Azure cloud basics and core concepts, so you can move right on to the rest of the course: developing, configuring, scaling, and securing Azure App Service apps.
  2. Implementation of Azure Functions
    We will give you a first overview of Azure Functions, after which we will continue with the development, implementation and integration (inputs/outputs triggers) of Functions applications.

PART II - Storage & IaaS

  1. Development for Blob storage
    How does Azure Blob storage work and how do you make it work for you? How do you manage your data using the hot/cold/archive blob storage lifecycle? And how to use the blob storage client library to manage your (meta) data?
  2. Development for Cosmos DB storage
    In this module you will learn all about Cosmos DB: structuring, data consistency, and resources. Then you will create your own accounts, databases, containers and items using Azure Portal and .NET SDK.
  3. ARM templates, AzDO services, Pipelines en IaaS
    How do you work with ARM templates, Azure Pipelines and AzDO (Azure DevOps services)? How to create container images and use them in your solutions to automate resource usage (automation)? How do you create and manage Docker images? How does the Azure Container Registry work and how do you run a container in Azure Container Instances?

PART III - Security, authentication, API management

  1. Authentication/authorization
    This sixth module concentrates on the deployment of Microsoft Identity Platform v2.0 (Microsoft Authentication Library, Microsoft Graph) for user authentication and resource access management.
  2. Securing cloud solutions
    Here you will learn how to protect security data (keys, passwords, certificates, configuration data) that your application uses to access resources, by deploying KeyVault API, Managed Identities and Azure App Configuration.
  3. API Management
    We give you an overview of Azure's API Management service. Then we'll show you how to publish APIs and how to create policies for information shared via the API, as well as how to manage access to your APIs.

PART IV - App Development & Serverless

  1. Serverless: Azure (Durable) Functions, Logic Apps
    This module teaches you how to use Azure Functions & Durable Functions as well as Azure Logic Apps, to plan and automate tasks, business processes, workflows, resources and services, using stateful functions in a serverless environment.
  2. Development of event-based solutions
    In this module, you will experience how to build applications for event-based architectures using Azure Event Grid, Azure Event Hubs and Azure Notification Hubs.
  3. Development of message-based applications
    Message-based applications and solutions can be created with Azure Service Bus and Azure Queue Storage; in this module we show how to do that.

PART V - Monitoring, caching, optimization

  1. Monitoring and optimization of Azure solutions
    A very important module, because: how do you orchestrate your code for telemetry, for example? How do you monitor and analyze your Azure apps and how do you solve potential problems? Which code can you use to handle so-called transient faults?
  2. Integration of caching & content delivery
    Learn how to improve the performance of your apps with caching services like Azure Cache for Redis and how to optimally develop your apps for storage on CDNs with Azure Content Delivery Network. This will make your cloud applications even faster!

Once you have completed all of these modules, you will be all set to take the exam. Pass it and you will receive the certificate AZ-204 Microsoft Azure Developer Associate!

Yes, I want to become a professional Azure Developer!

Then this training is perfect for you. After registering you will receive a confirmation email with all practical information. We look forward to seeing your registration!

Prerequisites for attending this training:

  • Completed training AZ-900 Certified Azure Fundamentals
  • Hands-on experience regarding IaaS and PaaS solutions, the Azure Portal as well as one or more programming languages (C#, Java, JavaScript, Python)
  • Experience in coding, authentication and web development
  • General knowledge of HTML5/HTTP, ASP.NET, SQL, and REST API interfaces

Necessary equipment:

For this training you need to bring your own laptop. It must meet the following requirements:

  • Most recent version of Visual Studio installed
  • Provided with an Azure Trial subscription

What else should I know?

  • Taking the AZ-204 exam (once) is included in the price of the training. If you pass, you will receive the Microsoft certificate (Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate).
  • Also included: all study materials and each course day a delicious lunch!
  • The training is given in English. If desired, we can give this course in Dutch, in the form of in-company training.
  • Travel and accommodation costs are at your own expense.

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