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AWS Lambda Functions with Serverless Scientist - Virtual

Learn how to release improved versions of existing AWS Lambda functions with confidence, but without exhaustive unit or integration tests. In this four-hour workshop you'll explore a method and process for this, first-hand.

Putting Serverless Scientist to the test

In this training you'll use the Serverless Scientist test framework. This framework supports comparing behavior of newer versions of AWS Lambda functions with existing versions running in production… in a production environment, but with the safety provided by smart isolation. Requests in production are being processed by both the existing version and candidate new versions (with potential improvements, or refactored code). The end-user of your Lambda functions doesn't notice any of this, but you'll be able to test whether the new version is identical regarding functionality, and better regarding performance, memory usage or stability. Only when you're confident that the new version is better in all important aspects, you'll release that new version into production.

This training is perfect for

Are you developing AWS Lambda functions, and do you need to release new versions regularly? Are you experimenting with different implementations of the same functionality in AWS Lambda functions, keeping an eye on your AWS bill, the required memory and the Lambda's performance? Is it hard to cover all functionality with unit or integration tests, because your users use your application in unknown or creative ways? And do you still want to release new and better versions with confidence? This workshop is for you.

In-depth knowledge of AWS or AWS Lambda isn't necessary, but (some) experience developing applications or Lambda functions is beneficial. In the workshop, you'll develop code, and my (minor) changes to existing code we provide.

What will you learn, and how does the program look like?

The workshop is based on hands-on tutorials we successfully hosted on international architecture conferences.

The workshop starts with a short introduction about serverless architectures, AWS Lambda functions and the Serverless Framework. After that, we'll describe different software test/QA methods, and compare these with a quite novel approach dubbed “Scientist”. Next to that, you'll start with the hands-on part: you'll complete seven challenges that we prepared in Instruqt, an online training environment. Step by step you'll set up and use a serverless variant for the Scientist QA method: Serverless Scientist, to develop and validate newer versions of AWS Lambda functions.

Executing the challenges will take the biggest part of the workshop - you'll be doing hands-on work for at least 75% of the time, coached and supported by the trainers.

The trainers

The trainers are part of the IT Architect unit of Xebia, and have ample experience with developing and ‘refactoring’ serverless applications. They are also the developers of the Serverless Scientist framework used in this workshop. Knowledge and experience will thus be shared from the original creators.

What do I need to know?

  • Bring your own laptop. Make sure it contains an up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
  • The workshop is hands-on, and you'll be writing and improving some small snippets of code for AWS Lambda functions. This can be done in Go, Ruby, Python, Node.js or Java, so some proficiency in one of these languages is beneficial.
  • Travel & accommodation expenses are not included.
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