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Free Video Training: AI maturity

This video is for people with a strategical or operation roles, such as decision-makers, managers or business developers who want to learn how to define the AI maturity level of your organization. No technical knowledge is required.

Why watch this video training?

Watch this video to learn all about defining the AI maturity level of your organization. With the increasing importance of data and AI, many organizations have formulated the ambition to become a data-driven company. However, there are many aspects involved in becoming data-driven and it is much more than just a technical challenge. Based on our experience and interviews with our clients, GoDataDriven has developed a model for measuring AI-driven maturity. The model accounts for both organizational and technical aspects and plots these onto a number of maturity levels. The model can be used to assess your own maturity and provides an indication of how to level up. In this video, we will take a practical look at this model and discuss its application.

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