Agile Ask Me Anything Training

Get answers to agile questions on any topic that you choose. The one-day Agile Ask Me Anything (Agile AMA) course is the ultimate in flexibility. With 20+ years of IT experience and 10+ years of agile know-how, our principal consultants can answer any agile-related question and help you tackle your specific challenges.

Agile AMA works through the toughest problems and advanced issues that other agile training courses don't address. The content entirely derives from its participants’ questions and specific issues in their organizations. Designed as a group training, the course also improves collaboration by showing agile teams how to respond to each other’s needs and fix mutual problems. By the end of the day you, you’ll have solid answers to your most pressing questions, and know exactly how to move forward.

Is Agile Ask Me Anything training right for me?

  • Yes - if you are an agile team* or team member
  • Yes - if you are management* or a leadership team
  • Yes - if you are an agile workgroup* or member of one
  • Yes - if you are in any agile role and want to learn together as a group*

* This course provides the most value when every member of a team or group participates at the same time to create a shared context and safe container for discussing potentially sensitive issues.

What will I achieve by completing this training?

You will learn:

  • The answers to your agile questions
  • The principles and forces at play in your organization’s particular situation
  • How to approach your specific issues and tackle your most pressing challenges
  • How to immediately apply all the practical, executable advice you will gain

Example questions:

  • Can we combine Scrum mastership with line management?
  • Would story mapping work for us?
  • Is this particular template for user stories a good idea?
  • Is this layered structure for product ownership workable?
  • How do we scale from 4 to 12 teams with our particular team composition?
  • What do we do with job profiles in an agile environment?
  • How many teams can a Scrum master handle?
  • We have a hard time explaining the Scrum values. Any tips?

What else should I know?

  • No specific requirements
  • Most valuable for organizations with one year (minimum) experience running agile


  • Due to its flexible nature, this training is preceded by an intake with the training consultant. This ensures knowledge of the context, so examples and discussions can be customized to your organization, to identify subjects that may need preparation or materials, and to set up a default program for the day

Despite the preparation there is still room to change, add or remove items to the agenda on the day itself.


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