Professional Scrum Trainer & Certified DevOps Trainer

Jesse Houwing

As a Professional Scrum Trainer with, Jesse teaches almost the full spectrum of Scrum courses, including Scrum Master, Product Owner and the Development teams in both one-team and multi-team setups.

More about Jesse Houwing

Besides his dedication to teach people all about Scrum, Jesse is intrigued by innovative technology and how, combined with the right knowledge, it helps organizations become more Agile. Jesse is always exploring new and more effective ways to get things done. He has shared his knowledge with many ambitious companies, like Knab, ABN AMRO, Ingenico and Philips Healthcare and was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award 3 years in a row for his contribution to the community. Jesse teaches the PSPO, PSM, PSM II, SPS, APS, APS-SD and PSK courses for Xebia Academy.


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