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About Kanban University (KU)

Kanban Inc. is an organization created to grow an active kanban market worldwide while protecting the interests of managers who seek to apply kanban to their knowledge work or service work. Kanban training, materials and events are all based on the kanban method – the management method proven through successful kanban implementations to improve service delivery, collaboration, quality, and worker satisfaction.

Kanban Inc. offers certified kanban training sessions from Introductory to trainer-level through Kanban University (KU). KU professional programs include Kanban Coaching Professionals (KCP) and Accredited Kanban Trainers (AKT), who are qualified to teach KU certified kanban in a classroom environment. The Accredited Kanban Trainers are trained to present the Alternative Path of Agility course series.

Xebia Academy & Kanban Inc.

Since 2014 Xebia Academy is a Licensed Training Organization and provides KU certified kanban training courses taught by an Accredited Kanban Trainer.

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