Get smart in automated web testing with Cypress

Get smart in automated web testing with Cypress

Cypress delivers testing the way it should be.

About Cypress

Cypress was founded in 2014 with the mission to build a thriving, open source ecosystem that enhances productivity, makes testing an enjoyable experience, and generates developer happiness. Cypress is an open source testing tool which is locally installed and helps developers to automate tests for the web. Cypress simplifies setting up, writing, running and debugging tests. It uses Chromium instead of PhantomJS / Selenium WebDriver, which gives you the opportunity to debug and run your tests at the same time. This enables you to write faster, easier and more reliable tests. 

Xebia Academy & Cypress

Xebia is one of the companies that is already testing better with Cypress. Besides, Xebia Academy gives a one-day training course test automation using Cypress. Here you get to learn this new tool in a hands-on way. You will gain the knowledge and skills to apply what you've learned directly on your own projects. Start to improve your tests now!

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